SKO Communications Competitors


To identify three competitors of SKO Communications in Windsor, Ontario or southwestern Ontario, including their marketing strategies and how they position themselves.

Early Findings


  • Based in Windsor, Ontario, with an office in Detroit, Michigan as well, Tango describes itself as a "boutique creative agency."
  • Tango offers branding and strategy services, creative solutions, and digital experiences.
  • Their portfolio includes clients such as Volkswagen and Lowe's Canada.
  • Their marketing strategy focuses on their ability to "connect brands with people by being passionate, expressive and creative."

Mainstream Marketing

  • Mainstream Marketing, located in Windsor, Ontario, describes itself as "a full service marketing company."
  • Their marketing strategy is focused on client satisfaction, citing "100% satisfaction guaranteed" on their website.
  • They offer printing, graphic design, technology marketing, and strategy marketing services.
  • Their portfolio is segmented by corporate identities, event marketing, print, promotional product, signage, trade show display, and website.

Oliver Marketing

  • Based in Windsor, Ontario, Oliver Marketing is a "full service marketing company" offering marketing strategy, branding, web design/development and hosting, SEO, e-commerce, and mobile websites.
  • Oliver specializes in small business start-ups.
  • They describe themselves as marketing professionals who "never let go of the child inside," which is reinforced by childhood images of each team member on their website.

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