Project Management Tools for Hardware


To find project management platforms for hardware teams/companies.

Early Findings

  • ProofHub has client testimonials from companies with physical products/industries.
  • Playbook has been used by medical device manufacturers and industrial manufacturers. They specifically state they have taken agile principles and adapted for hardware teams: "Playbook is Lean Project Management software built for the unique needs of hardware teams. It supports Lean and Agile methods that create unprecedented visibility and communication. As a result, ownership and expectations are clear for everyone, which makes happier teams, and faster projects."
  • A product design company, Product Creation Studio, states they used LiquidPlanner, as it is well-suited to adaptive product management, the style recommend for hardware development. LiquidPlanner's client testimonials section include several non-software companies.
  • ProjectManager also has customer stories from companies manufacturing/developing real-life products.
  • TeamGantt is used by many leading manufacturers worldwide.
  • Workfront specifically demonstrates how its project management solution works for product development teams.
  • Workzone also targets itself to product development teams. They also have testimonials from companies in the manufacturing sector.

Proposed next steps:

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