Competitive Landscape - Cognizant


  • Build a SWOT analysis for Cognizant in order to information a pitch to the company.
  • The SWOT analysis should specifically focus on their strengths compared to competitors, their largest opportunities for growth, their biggest threats/competitors in terms of growth, and their major paint points.

Early Findings

  • One of the biggest threats facing Cognizant right now is the wage bill in India. Cognizant India is one of the company's largest divisions, and an increase in wages could lose the company money.
  • Major competitors of Cognizant include Accenture, TCS, IBM Global Services, and Infosys.
  • Cognizant as a business is large and has a number of international divisions, which gives them better opportunities for accessing and using big data compared to their competitors.
  • Cognizant struggles with maintaining a clear marketing strategy for their products and services, which often leaves many consumers misled on what the company actually does.
  • According to an article published by Reuters in May 2019, Cognizant has been struggling with maintaining demand in the financial and healthcare markets, which resulted in their revenue halving and shares dropping by 6% upon announcing. According to the company's 2018 Annual Report, financial services accounted for 36.2% of their revenue and healthcare contributed 28.9%, so struggling to maintain this will have impacted over half of their revenue for the year almost immediately.
  • In their 2018 Annual Report, Cognizant stated that they are hoping that Cognizant Digital Business will be a major growth factor in the coming year.
  • A statement in Cognizant's 2018 report also noted that the business struggles with growth because of their expansion, which requires large and immediate levels of recruitment, training, and facilities to keep up with demand. Not being able to staff appropriately and in a timely manner could end up destroying any progress they make.

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