Research Proposal

Competitive Landscape: Internet-Connected Devices Installers


To develop a new pitch that is supported by understanding market gaps identified in a competitive landscape on companies that comprehensively install and support end user internet-connected devices. The landscape will include company size, markets they serve, service offerings/solutions, devices they connect, locations served (home, office or both), and any planned releases/future trends of interst to each company.

Early Findings

As we dove into background research about companies that provide comprehensive connection support and installation for internet-connected devices, we found a really disonnected market. More details about this initial background data:
  • Most of the nationwide companies centered in this arena focus on smart home installations. BUt the market is considerd to be fragmented.
  • The smart home installation services market has been classified into home monitoring/security, lighting controls, smart speakers, thermostats, video entertainment, smart appliances, home networking, hub platform integration, and others (including garage door controllers, Wi-Fi modems, and network routers).
  • The smart home installation services market in North America is projected to continue to lead the global market thru 2027.
  • Key players (Global) - Calix Inc., FINITE SOLUTIONS, Handy, HelloTech Inc., Maryland Electrical Services LLC, Meyer Electrical Services, Inc., Miami Electric Masters, Red River Electric., Rexel, SMARTHOME, Smartify Home Automation Limited, and Vivint, Inc.
  • A few companies covering this area include the following:
    • HelloTech is a nationwide, smart home services installer
    • PULS also provides an array of relevant installation services, but those services span areas not covered by other providers (e.g., handy man services and home appliance repair).
    • ADT also does smart home automation solutions with an eye on scecurity and protections. They prove installation and support, nationwide but the services are not comprehensive (unless related to security).
    • GeekSquad (run though Best Buy) - assist customers installing internet-connected devices on a nationwide basis but there may be some services that are not covered.
    • OnTech Smart Devices is another company that offers smart home installations (however, they are not nationwide; they cover 32 states).
    • Geeks on Site (offers repairs, installation, WiFi network, smart home, and home theatre)
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