Competitors - IPI, Tengco, & Unimacts


To find 5-7 competitors in South Carolina for IPI, Inc, Tengco, and Unimacts. This will be a total of 15-21 competitors as each of these companies offer different services.

Early Findings

IPI, Inc

  • According to their website, IPI Inc. is a contractor that "focuses on painting, roofing, insulation, coating, sheeting and more for commercial and industrial construction. "
  • Keating Roofing & Sheetmetal is located in the Charleston, SC area and offers roofing, sheeting, and coating services.
  • Kirk Commercial Construction is located in Columbia, SC, and offers painting, metal work, and roof repairs.


  • Tengco is a custom manufacturer that develops custom metal components.
  • Lawrence Fabrication is located in Simpsonville, SC, and designs and creates custom metal parts for their customers.
  • Sinclair Custom Metal is located in Lexington, SC, and create "stainless, aluminum, and carbon steel projects." They work on both industrial and commercial projects.


  • Unimacts offers a wide range of services in the global industrial manufacturing and logistics space.
  • Premier Logistics Solutions is located in Charleton, SC, and is a "full service third-party logistics company."
  • Industrial Manufacturing Services is located in Lancaster, SC and creates "metal fabricated components for OEMs of the heavy machinery industry."

Summary of Findings

  • We were able to find two competitors for each company.
  • Of note, both IPI and Unimacts offer a variety of services and it was difficult to find companies that provided all the same services. For example, there are many painting or roofing companies, but few were found that provide all the services IPI provides. One possible solution would be to find commercial/industrial general contractors who provide building services in addition to the services offered by IPI.
  • To ensure that the best competitors are found, it would be helpful to know which specific services are of interest from those two companies.

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