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Competitive Landscape of Media Agencies and Consultancies


To obtain a competitive landscape of media agencies and consultancies to include details on marketing efforts, branding/positioning, thought leadership, and market differentiators for internal use.

Early Findings

Preliminary research indicates that information on the marketing efforts, branding/positioning, thought leadership, and market differentiators is available for media agencies and consultancies.



  • Wavemaker sponsored Spikes Asia in September 2019. Spikes Asia is the "leading festival and awards for creativity in the region."
  • Wavemaker also partnered with Banijay Asia to "create India’s first digital reality show — Myntra Fashion Superstar," a reality show that went live on September 17, 2019.
  • Twitter and other social media platforms are used to promote the Wavemaker brand.


  • In 2018, Wavemaker was ranked as the fifth overall global media agency network by Paris-based consultancy COMvergence
  • Wavemaker had a 4.3% industry market share in 2018 and $12.42 billion in billings.


  • In September 2019, Wavemaker released a report entitled "Connecting With Future Consumers Chinese Women 2030," a thought leadership piece on "how today’s 6-17 years-old girls and 18-28 years-old GenerationZ women are future recruitment and retention targets for brands."
  • In July 2019, Wavemaker partnered with Buzzfeed to survey over 3,000 U.S. consumers to "gain a broader view of the consumer purchase journey across seven categories looking at buying behavior, platform usage and shopping sentiment."
  • Wavemaker executives contribute to industry publications such as AdWeek and attend forums, conferences, and seminars to share their insights into various aspects of the industry.


  • When Wavemaker was formed in 2017, Tim Castree, head of Wavemaker, said one way the agency would differentiate itself would be to develop its own "proprietary technology around purchase journey planning."
  • In 2018, Wavemaker "won the ‘Breakthrough Technology as a Product Award’ at the prestigious Campaign Media Awards" for its product Audience Lift, a "scalable, low cost, non-invasive solution to measure the effectiveness of campaigns."
  • According to Think With Google, Wavemaker is "not just a media agency, it is an agency obsessed with consumer purchase journeys, helping clients to grow via a combination of media, content and tech."
  • The Audience Lift product is Wavemaker's unique selling position and it is "at the heart of all the work that [they] do."

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