Soil Health


To provide an analysis of the soil health space by looking at companies selling soil health products to farmers and the ancillary divisions related to soil category.

Early Findings

Companies Selling Soil Health Products to Farmers

Patagonia Provisions

Clif Bar

  • This company incorporates rotation crops into products and collaborates with farmers to ensure that farmers get healthy soil for sustainable food system.
  • The company introduced granola and pea protein. Yellow peas are renowned as ideal nitrogen-fixers.
  • Clif Bar consults with farmers and experts on sustainable agriculture to ensure that they sell the ideal products that have been tried and tested.


  • As a nonprofit company, Field-to-Market prioritizes farm sustainability. Through the years, the company has introduced new programs to include consultations with agronomists, education, on-farm data collection, and other agriculture sustainability programs.

Various Big Food Brands

  • Other big food brands such as General Mills, Kellogg, Mars Wrigley and Campbell, have continued to proactively invest in sustainable ingredients that will ensure that farmers have sustainable and improved soil health.
  • While each farm requires a unique solution when it comes to improving soil health, new tools are being developed to take the farm’s data before offering soil health solutions.

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