Flagstaff tourism Competitive Landscape


To provide a competitive landscape for Flagstaff, Arizona’s tourism industry. Specifically, to identify other cities and towns - primarily in Arizona - which are in competition with Flagstaff in tourism, including information about each city/town’s target audience, why people travel there and their reviews of the destination, whether they host any major events that might attract tourists, what the main attractions are (such as how the Grand Canyon is a major attraction for Flagstaff), and what digital marketing and advertising techniques the city/town uses to attract tourists. As well, information should be included on why each city/town has been identified as a competitor to Flagstaff.

Early Findings

  • Below is a list of Flagstaff tourism competitors within Arizona and its environs based on annual visitor spending between 2017 and 2018.
  • Visitors to Flagstaff spent a total of $502.8 million in 2017-2018. The cities included are cities that received about the same amount or more in visitor spending.


  • Tempe had a total visitor spending of $730 million in 2017, with the average visitor spending $281 per overnight trip and $64 per day trip.
  • Special attractions in Tempe in Papago Park, Tempe Town Lake and Downtown Tempe and Mill Avenue.
  • Tempe festival of Arts is a large event that is held in Tempe every year. The next festival will be held on December 2-6, 2020.


  • Visitors to Tucson spent $24.4 billion in 2018 with $67 million daily.
  • Sonoran Desert, Kitt Peak National Observatory, Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory, and Pima Air & Space Museum are few of the cities special attractions.


  • Phoenix is another major tourist city in Arizona. An estimated $7.8 billion was spent by visitors in the city in 2017.
  • Main attractions in Phoenix city include Camelback Mountain, Musical Instrument Museum, Desert Botanical Garden, and Taliesin West.

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