Sightseeing Buses and Vehicle Tours


To conduct an analysis of 2-3 sightseeing bus companies and 2-3 private vehicle tour companies that compete with Red Bus. Highlight the following specific data points for each one: year founded, business model, revenue, number of monthly and/or annual users, target client base, location(s), tagline/slogan, value proposition, and any brand affiliations or partnerships. Conduct a SWOT analysis for each company that identifies what sets it apart from competitors and what unique assets and/or strategies it uses to run its tours. In addition, research the legal requirements that must be met to run a sightseeing tour van or bus. Scope is global.

Early Findings

In addition to City Sightseeing, Gray Line, and Big Bus Tours, we found three private vehicle tour companies to include in our competitive analysis: SunTours Barbados, ArtVentures France, and Tenon Tours. We've put together an attached spreadsheet to better organize our research.

Sightseeing Buses

  • City Sightseeing was founded in 1999 in Seville, Spain.
  • Gray Line was founded in 1910.
  • Big Bus Tours was established in 2011 when a tour company from London merged with a tour company from Paris.

Private Vehicle Tours

  • SunTours Barbados was founded in 1860 and provides private tours via taxi, van, bus, and limo.
  • ArtVentures France was founded in 1998 and provides private tours via car or minivan.
  • TenonTours was founded in 2007 and provides tours across the world in privately-chauffeured cars.

Legal Requirements to Run a Sightseeing Tour Business

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