Competitor Research


The goal is to compile helpful forum posts regarding things like complaints, praise, and ideas from each of the four requested companies: Revolut, Monzo, Tide, and Bunq. The forum posts can be used to create a product roadmap for these companies.

Early Findings

  • One Revolut user was very disappointed that there appeared to be no way to transfer out their cryptocurrency balance to their bank. They were frustrated that they could not spend their money elsewhere or get better exhange rates by trading.
  • A popular suggestion for Revolut was enabling the use of Apple Pay. Over 2,600 people responded to this suggestion. Three years after the initial suggestion, Revolut finally added Apple Pay support.
  • One suggestion for Monzo is making the card available to use for children under the age of 16. This suggestion was met with half support and half skepticism from other forum members.
  • People are complaining that "merchant data", or location information, is often incorrect on the Monzo app. Over 1,600 people replied to this thread on the issue. A Monzo employee did reply to this issue in a timely manner and their tone was very apologetic and positive.
  • Tide has received negative feedback regarding their lack of speed in responding to support inqueries. A Tide representative responded to the intitial post quickly, but many other people jumped on the thread to add their complaints about the same issue.
  • Another strong complaint about Tide is that the card does not work everywhere that Mastercard is accepted, as users feel it should.
  • Some Bunq users feel that the payment request links are confusing and do not display helpful information. A Bunq employee responded quickly to this thread and had a very upbeat and helpful tone, promising to look into the query.

Proposed next steps:

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Because it was suggested that we start with only one company, we can compile a spreadsheet of recent (within the last 2 years) forum posts that fit the criteria of strong complaints, product improvement, strong praise, community poll results, and responses from company employees. We can provide 15-20 responses, depending on the availability on each forum, and for each we will provide a link to the post, a 1-2 sentence description, what kind of post it was (feedback, complaint, etc. maybe in a drop down menu).
In addition, if the first report is satisfactory, we can provide the same research on the three other provided companies.