Competitors Media Themes


To find out about the main topics and themes that competitors are talking about in selected media. This information will be used to work on increasing the media visibility of the client.

Early Findings

Digital Transformation

  • On 7th February 2019, Forbes published an article online about the digital transformation of Deloitte.

Employee development


  • Forbes reported in July 2019 that KPMG is partnering with blockchain companies for telecom.
  • In an article published on April 2019, the Wall Street Journal mentions that PWC is using Blockchain to assist its human resource department in vetting the professional credentials of candidates.


  • An article by CNBC published in June 2019 referenced PWC Health Research Institute’s annual Medical Cost Trend survey, which included 500 of the nation’s largest employers. The survey's goal was to estimate annual medical costs trends.

Entertainment and Media

Economic Growth

  • In a July 2019 article, CNBC mentioned in one of its publications that KPMG analyzed the economic data of 180 countries over two decades, in order to rank them by economic growth outlook.

Proposed next steps:

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