VMware Competitors


The goal is to determine competitors to VMware in terms of cloud computing, networking and network security, and virtualisation.

Early Findings

  • According to Craft, VMware's top competitors include Extreme Networks, Arista Networks, Tintri, Citrix, and Veeam.
  • In terms of revenue, VMware had $9 billion in 2019, Extreme Networks had over $995 million, and Cintrix had $3 billion.
  • Extreme Network offers "Network Fabric", which allows networks to adjust to differing traffic levels and provides the underlay for network virtualization.
  • Citrix offers various networking products including Application Delivery Management, Citrix Gateway, Intelligent Traffic Management, and a Web App Firewall.
  • Veeam has many cloud services such as multi-cloud data protection, cloud mobility, and data retention.
  • Microsoft is also known as a competitor to VMware. They are now working together to bring CloudSimple, a platform that allows VMware software to work on Azure, which was previously unsupported.

Proposed next steps:

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