Child Playsplaces


To identify the amenities and costs associated with each of the identified playspaces, including Elemeno, Two Birds Inc., Evolve Her, Equal Play, Work and Play, Play, Work or Dash, Nido, Third Space, Workafrolic, Pouch Playspace, and MOMentum.

Early Findings

  • In the first hour of research, we were able to begin inputting relevant details for Elemeno, Two Birds Inc., and Evolve Her into the attached spreadsheet.
  • Please note that the following playspaces have been excluded from the attached spreadsheet, as they had been marked "completed" in the original materials provided: The Wing, The Inc., Big & Tiny, The Hive, The Jane Club, Brella, Hacker Moms, Recess Collective, Giocare Play Spot, and Kids & Company.
  • All data has been pulled from a combination of the Together Today website and the websites of the playspaces themselves.

Proposed next steps:

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As our initial research was able to provide the requested details for three communities, we would recommend continued research to provide these details for the remaining eight spaces, including Equal Play; Work and Play; Play, Work or Dash; Nido; Third Space; Workafrolic; Pouch Playspace; and MOMentum. As well, we would recommend continued research to identify nine additional spaces which combine childcare/child play space with co-working spaces for parents, with the requested details provided for each of them as well. Specifically, this will include information on membership and pricing, hours of operation, childcare options, amenities and classes offered, and a link to the company's website. As well, we will include notes on any other important or relevant information.
As well, we would recommend additional research to provide the market size for spaces designed to offer classes/childcare as well as co-working spaces for parents. This will focus specifically on the United States.