Research Outline

HealthTech Unicorns


To compile a list of HealthTech Unicorns across the world with the company name, website, country, date and size/amount (USD) of last round, type of last round (e.g., Series F), and valuation. In addition, build another list that shows all fund-raising rounds of the identified companies with the date of each round, type of each round, size/amount of each round, valuation, and sources excluding Crunchbase.

Early Findings

  • Our initial hour of research was spent in setting up the two lists in a spreadsheet, listing the names of as many HealthTech Unicorns as possible, and determining the project feasibility.
  • During this hour of research, we were able to identify 28 health tech (including fitness tech) unicorns.
  • In addition, we provided the requested details including the website, country, date of the last funding round, size/amount (USD) of last funding round, type of last funding round (e.g., Series F), and valuation for VillageMD, Keep, Alto Pharmacy (Alto), WeDoctor (GuaHao) using sources other than Crunchbase.
  • This information has been provided in the shared spreadsheet.