Research Proposal

Translational Research


To develop a comprehensive understanding of translational research so as to be able to provide recommendations for a social impact initiative for a biopharma company.

Early Findings


  • According to UCDavis, "Translational research is the process of applying knowledge from basic biology and clinical trials to techniques and tools that address critical medical needs. Unlike applied sciences, translational research is specifically designed to improve health outcomes. It uses an integrated team of experts who are focused on translating useful information from laboratories to doctors’ offices and hospitals."
  • Translational research is needed for two reasons, namely to develop cure for diseases and to improve the process of inefficient drug approval.
  • Translational research is usually known to exist "from bench to bedside", which means that solutions from the laboratory bench go all the way to help patients on the bed and vice versa.
  • Translational research can be defined under 5 different themes, namely conceptualization, research processes, research vs. clinical care, interdisciplinary collaboration, and entrepreneurial science.


  • The main goal of translational research is to "translate (move) basic science discoveries more quickly and efficiently into practice."

Factors that Support/Hinder Translational Research

  • Factors that support or hinder translational research are "shaped by wider social, organizational, and structural factors."
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