Big Construction Companies and Technology


To ascertain the big construction companies in the US and worldwide that are embracing technologies for safety and/or data-driven insights.

Early Findings

Construction Companies Using Safety Technologies

  • Turner Construction has used BIM technology as a tool to automate safety and the prevention of safety incidents.
  • Okland Construction also uses BIM technology and found that it is useful for site safety.
  • Skanska found that BIM eliminates the need for workers to go up and down the levels of a construction site. This means an improvement in safety.
  • Lend Lease has used safety models to sequence safety and demonstrate how to integrate safety into the workflow.
  • Bechtel Construction, in 2018, launched a VR safety training program. This training uses software to imitate the construction site this enabling the trainees to engage with that environment virtually.
  • Gammon Construction's use of VR in its training has resulted in fewer safety incidents on its construction sites.

Proposed next steps:

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