Super Bowl QL


To identify characters/spokespersons for SuperBowl commercials/ads that have returned in the past years (2013-2020). This does not have to be for back-to-back years.

Early Findings

Planters-Mr. Peanut

  • Planters revived Mr. Peanut in a 2020 Super Bowl commercial after the character was presumably killed in a previous ad.
  • The character was revived with the name"Baby Nut." Mr. Peanut had appeared in several previous Super Bowl commercials, including the 2019 one.
  • The Planters' snack food mascot was killed in January at the age of 104.
  • While some people loved the character, many users on Twitter commented that Planters was trying to "capitalize on the success of baby pop-culture characters like Baby Yoda."

Summary of Early Findings

  • During the first hour of research, we were only able to find one character in a Super Bowl commercial that has been revived between 2013 and 2020.
  • This is because the information is not readily available and requires in-depth research.
  • For the proposed research, we will try to look for other characters and spokespersons.

Proposed next steps:

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