"Connection Matters" Tag Line Use Research


Determine whether the phrase "Connection Matters" is being used by Intermedia's competitors (Avaya, 8X8, RingCentral, Zoom, Dialpad, and Cisco Webex) in the Unified Communications As A Service (UCAS) industry or by any other notable brands in other industries.

Early Findings

Competitors Use of the Tagline

Brands in Other Industries' Use of the Tagline

  • The telehealth platform, Thera-Link, uses the tagline "Connection Matters."
  • Dasan Zhone Solutions, a provider of network access solutions for service provider and enterprise networks in South East Asia, uses the tagline "Every Connection Matters."
  • A small Australian media production company is called Connection Matters.

Proposed next steps:

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In our preliminary research, we did not find any examples of competitors or major brands using the tagline "Connection Matters." However, we recommend continuing our research to verify this finding and to research the competitors not yet examined. In one request, we would review marketing materials for each of the competitors listed (Avaya, 8X8, RingCentral, Zoom, Dialpad, and Cisco Webex) and identify any uses of the phrase "Connection Matters," as well as the common taglines and catchphrases used by each company. We would also identify an additional 3-5 uses of the phrase "Connection Matters" in marketing materials by brands outside of the UCAS industry.
Furthermore, we could create an overview of the way the phrase "Connection Matters" is used in traditional and digital marketing campaigns. We would identify 8 or more organizations that use the phrase, determine what industry they are in, and, if available, provide any metrics for the success of their marketing efforts with the "Connection Matters" tagline.
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