Research Outline

Non-Profit Software Solutions: Industry Analysis


To analyze the market of companies (for profits and non profit) that provide services such as consulting, and products such as software, for non profits and NGOs in the United States. The analysis will feature; the definition of the market, size of the market, industry players, industry reports or analyses published regularly, and how non profits publish their need for a service (RFPs or word of mouth?)

Early Findings

Non-Profit Software Solutions: Industry Definition

  • EIN Presswire defines the non-profit software industry as an industry primarily established to help charity and non-profit associations meet the specific business requirements of different not for profit undertakings.
  • The industry is said to have unique and specific requirements when compared to for-profit business organizations.
  • Non-profit software "provides the non-profit/charity-based organization with enhanced scalability and flexibility in numerous specific areas including volunteer and donor management, fundraising, institutional accounting, grant administration, and donor/volunteer perspective management."

Non-Profit Software Vendors: Market Size/Growth Rate

Top Players (Non-Profit Software Solution Industry Specialty)

  • According to publications by Wboc and EIN Presswire, some of the top companies that specialize in providing software solutions for non-profit organizations include;
    • Doubleknot
    • Bloomerang
    • Luminate
    • Altru
    • Financial Edge NXT
    • ACTIVE Net
    • Network for Good
    • Tessitura Software
    • Neon CRM
    • The Raiser’s Edge
    • iWave
    • Target Analytics
    • Pushpay
    • OneCause
    • WealthEngine
    • Oracle NetSuite
    • Kindful
    • Classy
    • DonorSearch
    • DonorSnap
    • DonorPerfect
    • Qgiv
    • Kickstarter

Non-Profit Consulting Services


Our initial research provided insight into the global market size, growth rate, and the top players for the non-profit software solutions industry. After an exhaustive search through the public domain, we were unable to find any pre-compiled report that provided the US non-profit software solutions industry's size or any industry report or analysis published regularly, regrding software solutions or consultancy services for the non-profit sector. Most of the reports identified that claimed to contain the information, such as Absolute Reports, Up Market Research, Market Size Forecasters, and Market Watch, are behind a paywall. Although the reports are of global scope, they claim to contain a breakdown of the industry by region, such as North America (the United States and Canada), South America, Asia (China, Japan, India, Korea), and Europe (Germany, UK, France, Italy). Notwithstanding, preliminary research revealed that most of the top players identified above are either based in the United States or serve non-profit firms in the US.