NREP Funds Structure


Locate and detail information related to the internal rate of return (IRR) of Nordic Construction. Explain, in detail, how the NREP structures their funds.

Early Findings

NREP Fund Allocations

  • The NREP donates 10% of their profits to charity, including The Human Practice Foundation and The N-Power Fund.
  • According to the NREPs 2017 Annual Report, the business brought in 168,219,000 DKK (Danish Kroner) in revenue alone.
  • The company spent -12,800,000 DKK on operating activities, but brought in 19,019,000 DKK from investing activities. From investing activities specifically, the company spent -1,792,000 DKK (or 9.42%) on their own property, plants, and equipment.
  • The NREP also spent -3,385,000 DKK on financing activities in 2017.
  • In 2017, the NREP had gross margins of 58.1%, a profit margin of 23.8%, return on assets of 25.2%, a solvency ratio of 30.9%, and a return on equity of 88.3%. These percentages were relatively consistent year on year from 2013 on.

NREP Balance Sheet

  • In 2017, the NREP held 14,798,564 DKK in land and buildings. The company held another 2,580,958 DKK in fixtures/fittings, tools, and equipment. The NREP also increased the values of their leaseholds via improvements by 243,659 DKK.
  • Of the total 17,623,181 DKK held in intangible assets (listed above), 83.97% was land and buildings, 14.65% were fixtures/fittings, tools, and equipment, and 1.38% was leasehold improvements.
  • In terms of the NREPs total property, plant, and equipment financial assets - which amounted to 80,895,200 DKK - 40.44% were investments in associates, 55.21% were other investments, 4.23% were other receivables, and 0.12% were deferred tax assets.
  • The NREP also held 5,371,557 DKK in development projects in progress.
  • The NREP had a total of 87,749,103 DKK in short-term debt and 109,671,567 DKK in total liabilities for the year 2017.
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