Baby-Related Purchases


To identify historical and current purchasing trends and consumer behaviors for baby-related purchases to inform consulting knowledge.

Early Findings

Millennial Parents Shop Differently Than Other Parents

  • In 2018, the National Retail Federation’s quarterly report noted how Millennial parents shop differently than those from previous generations.
  • Millennials value “freedom and flexibility as parents,” and keep up on their personal hobbies even while parents (unlike many parents in previous generations). While they still spend money on themselves – and value things like trips and experiences, they “prioritize their children and budget accordingly,” and “are not afraid to spend money if it means a better education or experience for their kids.”

Technology Use

  • Millennial parents use their smartphones at all points in the shopping journey, with 78% using their phones for product research, while only about 58% of parents of other generations do so. They also check prices or product availability more often than other generations – 75% compared to 58%.
  • A full 71% of Millennial parents pay with their cellphones or place order with them, compared to 51% of other parents. The same percentage (71%) will use their phones to “leave a review, process a return, or chat with customer services after purchasing,” as opposed to only 43% of parents from other generations.


  • With busy schedules, Millennial parents are often on-the-go, and thus, a whopping 86% of them prefer to use same-day shipping (as compared to 67% of other parents). They’re also willing to pay for convenience with only 53% of them expecting free shipping on order under $50, while 66% of other parents expect this.
  • Millennial parents are the biggest (parental) users of subscription services with 40% of them using these types of services to order things like diapers and baby wipes, while only 18% of parents from other generations use these services.

Values Are Important

  • Millennial parents prefer brands that represent something important to them with 44% of them “shopping at brands that reflect their social or political values.” Much less than the 23% of parents from other generations who shop this way.
  • Well over half (60%) of Milllennials donate to charities every year, and they choose brands that have give-back policies. A whopping 92% of Millennial moms “want to buy products that support charities or bigger causes,” and all of these parents want to have faith in the brands they purchase.

Brand Loyalty

  • Millennial parents are very loyal to brands, even when prices are a bit higher, considering 49% are brand loyal, while only 30% of other parents are. 52% will also remain loyal when faced with more-convenient options, compared to 35% of parents from other generations. 64% of them will shop with a preferred brand before evaluating a competitor’s product, as opposed to only 54% of other parents.
  • Millennial parents will leave more online reviews and recommendations of products or brands than any other generation has before or currently does.

Product Preferences

  • Millennial moms prefer to purchase baby clothes and products that are “comfortable, soft, and practical products that ‘allow baby to be baby.’” Experts at License Global Magazine state that, “earning the trust of Millennial parents is a vital ingredient in the recipe for achieving success in the baby category.”

Best-Selling Car Seats

  • The top five best-selling baby car seats on Amazon include: Graco’s Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat ($150), Graco’s Backless TurboBooster Car Seat ($25), Graco’s SnugRide SnugLock Infant Car Seat Base ($27), Graco’s Affix Backless Booster Car Seat ($27), and Graco’s SlimFit 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat ($172).

Proprietary Database Search

  • We found one proprietary research report from one of our data partners which may be helpful: “Understanding Millennials as Parents” (Euromonitor International, $1325).

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