Research Outline

Consumer Behavior - Post-Purchase Offers


To understand consumer behavior regarding post-purchase offers.

Early Findings

  • According to Registria's 2019 State of the Industry Report, when the consumer onboarding process "is straightforward and convenient, using the channels consumers prefer such as their smartphone, they are more open to post-purchase offers and future communications from brands."
  • The 2019 Registria report requires registration to access, but the 2017 report (the most recent one offered freely) states that millennials, more than other generations, want special offers during the product registration process.
  • Emails offering a discount on future orders tend to be successful "with a 5% increase in customer retention leading to as much as a 75% increase in profitability," and these customers "spend 67% more than new customers."
  • Post-purchase upsells have the highest conversion rate, up to 10%, of any type of offer.
  • Post-purchase upsells can grow revenue by as much as 35% with pop-up thank-you messages garnering a 21% revenue boost.
  • Transactional emails (receipts or invoices) are mandatory and garner a 71% open rate, making them an ideal opportunity for post-purchase upselling.
  • Etsy and Amazon are companies that effectively use post-purchase upselling techniques.