Consumer brands: United States


To obtain 3-4 case studies focusing on how brands in the US are connecting with consumers (Millennial and/or Gen-Z) in interesting and impactful ways excluding Patagonia, Clif Bar, and Apple brand. This information will be used to reference how brands in other categories are building trust, love, and positive energy from consumers through unique experiences and interactions.

Early Findings

During our initial research, we reviewed several brands that are popular in the US to see if they have/are doing something to attract millennial and/or Gen Z consumers in an interesting and impactful way. We were able to synthesize a few such cases that are summarized below:


  • It plans to roll out as many new innovative items in the menu as it did in the last five years combined.
  • The items included in the menu would be so unique that they won't be available in any other place out of the US.
  • In this way, KFC aimed to attract millennials and Gen Zers in the US with quirky menu items that customers can't get in any other place.
  • According to Hochman, the President of KFC US Business, this way of connecting millennials and Gen Z will help them speed up growth in the next five years.


  • Chevrolet is making the use of the fact of how millennials and Gen Zers are more conscious about the environment and always look out for creative solutions to their problems.
  • Instead of running fluffy feel-good ads, Chevrolet is investing in the EV market through digital messaging and product creation via a Facebook community.
  • Chevrolet is utilizing social media to the full extent and using taglines like “Find New Roads” and “Real People, Not Actor" to attract millennials and Gen Z in the US.
  • In this way, Chevrolet is connecting to millennials and Gen Zers by connecting to their sentiments and generating more brand loyalty.

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