Millennials Business Trips Trends


To find out the habits and behaviors of millenials during business trips.

Early Findings

Booking Behavior

Type of Accommodation

  • According to a survey of 1,650 travelers , 74% of millennial business travelers claimed staying in a vacation rental, compared to just 38% and 20% of Generation X and baby boomer.
  • 44% of millennial travelers admitted in a survey their preference to stay in these types of accomodation during their business trips.

Travel Experiences

  • Millennial business travelers want to make the most of their business trips and take the opportunity to try new experiences.
  • According to one study, 75% of millennials look for new experiences when travellling for business.

Bleisure and Trip Extension

  • The concept of "bleisure", or the combination of business and leisure travel, is very popular amongst millennials, with 55% of them willing to extend a business trip for leisure.
  • Millennial business travelers are using business trips oppotunities to experience new places.
  • A study found that 62% of respondents used business trips to gain cultural experience.
  • 81% of millennial respondents to a survey associated business travel with happiness.

Number of Trips

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