Southern College Football Fans: Tailgate Spending Habits


To determine the pre-tailgating shoping ahbits for southern college football fans. We will also analyse the social media habits pre and post tailgating of southern college football fans.

Early Findings

Tailgating Spending Habits

  • While the South is renowned for its love for college football, only 11% would actually commit to tailgating.
  • That being said, most of the college football fans from Alabama prefer to shop from Walmart while those that live in Tennessee prefer Academy.
  • The preferred food during tailorgates includes hot dogs, burgers, and wings.
  • The most consumed drinks include beer (53%), liquor (13%), and sweet tea (12%). However, the majority of the people either do not drink alcohol or drink 1-2 alcoholic drinks.
  • Alabama fans mainly prefer to drink wine while Tennessee and Kentucky fans mostly prefer beer.
  • According to a survey by the Tailgating Institute, people that go to tailgates spend between $200 and $500, with the majority spending around $500 for preparation.
  • Most people spend between 3 and 4 hours preparing for the game but usually travel less than an hour to the stadium.
  • The average age for people going to Tailgates is between 25 and 44, with the majority of them being men (79%).
  • However, most of these fans do not commit to all tailgates throughout the season, with the majority (41%) going to only 6-10 tailgates per season.
  • When it comes to purchasing decisions, college football fans are "84% more likely than the general public to buy sports event tickets and 77% more likely to spend money on sports logo apparel."

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