Consumers of Parental Control Apps


To find out insights on the purchase behavior of consumers who install/purchase parental control apps and/or software that filters content on the internet and devices. Insights should be focused on their purchase journey, and their online behavior as parents.

Early Findings

  • Parents, the consumers of parental apps or software, seek features on their app that will allow them to limit screen time per app, instead of the device as a whole, as well as let them more easily extend screen time as needed.
  • They also look for features that can track activity per app, set daily limits, view the device’s location on the map and ring it.
  • Apart from features that help limit screen time per app, parents also look for apps that have the following features: ability to block specific apps and sites, compatibility of the app with the monitoring device used by the parent, effective web filters, etc.
  • Parents also want their monitoring app to be affordable and reasonable, and to have intuitive and attractive designs with improved location features.
  • According to a study conducted by JAMA Pediatrics in 2019, too much screen time can lead to negative impacts on a child's development affecting his/her memory, attention, and language skills.
  • Parents also worry about excessive screen time affecting the amount of quality sleep and physical activity their kids are getting, leading to obesity, poor academic performance, mental health issues and more.
  • As far as the avenues which parents use the most to get information on parenting are concerned, published a list of great parenting websites.
  • The websites were as follows: Parent Toolkit, Baby Center, Fatherly, Raising Children, Parenting, All for the Boys, Well Family and Cafemom.
  • To know more about parenting online, parents also follow a host of parenting influencers.
  • The list of some top parenting influencers include the likes of Ilana Wiles, Heather Armstrong, Joanna Goddard, JIll Smokler, etc.

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