Contact List - Radio Stations


To build a list of contact clients and prospect radio stations.

Early Findings

  • Karen Stam is the Station Manager at Grace 91.1, Bruce Lorentzen is the Program Director, and the Station Engineer is Eric Kruzel.
  • KGLE Staff are Diane Odenbach, Office Manager ; Cody Ross, Operations Manager/On-Air ; Justin Vander Veur, General Manager/On-Air ; Connie Mullet, Sales Manager ; and Jim McBride, Part Time/On-Air.
  • We have provided the available findings within one hour of research in the spreadsheet attached.

Proposed next steps:

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From our initial research, we have discovered that many stations do not provide any information about their staff. Also, the personal contacts of the staff are not readily available. As a result, we recommend continuing the research to find as many entries as possible and provide general phone numbers of the radio stations as found during our research.
Alternatively, we can provide other titles as available during our research if the requested titles are not available.