Research Outline

PCBA Industry & Competitive Assessment


To inform a pitch deck by obtaining market data and competitor information related to the North American PCBA industry, including overall industry trends as well as details on competitors with annual revenues in excess of $100 million (including each competitor's name, website, annual revenue, EBITA/profitability, founding year, top-level marketing messages (e.g., tagline, value proposition) and funding rounds).

Early Findings

North America PCBA Industry

  • At present, the preponderance of market research on the PCBA industry centers around Asia Pacific, given that the region is responsible for over 90% of global PCB and PCBA production, and is therefore considered a "key influencer" in PCGA market trends overall.
  • According to market intelligence firm Beroe Inc., the Americas has historically accounted for approximately 5% of global PCB/PCBA market revenue, with a steady CAGR of between 1% and 2% through 2020.
  • As a whole, North America is considered a "High Market Maturity region" compared to high-growth areas such as Europe and South America.
  • However, North America has "witnessed a steady increase" in PCB/PCBA bookings in recent years, owing largely to escalating demand from the local automotive industry.
  • Specifically, the increasingly "integrated and sophisticated" features of modern vehicles are giving rise to one of the fastest-growing industry segments in North America as well as globally.

Key Competitors

  • Despite the concentration of production in one region of the world, the PCBA market itself is relatively fragmented, with the ten largest competitors account for approximately 36% of global output.
  • Specifically in North America, manufacturing expert Thomasnet recognizes the following nine companies as the top PCBA manufacturers in the US and Canada:
  • A spreadsheet that includes the above data and outlines suggested research for the first six of these companies has been created at this link.
  • Notably, we recommend expanding on the originally requested data points for these top six competitors to also provide the (1) headquarters location, (2) annual revenue in North America, (3) tagline and (4) value proposition of each of the companies.

Summary of First Hour of Research

  • The research team used the first hour of research to confirm the availability of information about North America's PCBA industry, to provide a synthesis of initial findings as well as to create a custom spreadsheet to help guide and summarize any future research.
  • Based on the fact that five of the six identified competitors are public companies and, therefore, should have more readily available information in the public domain, we believe we can complete a substantial amount of additional research on these companies in a more limited timeframe.
  • However, considering that information on the PCBA industry specifically in North America is somewhat limited in the public domain, we recommend completing more limited, further research on this subject.