Contract Furniture Market Trends


To obtain insights and sales trends in the United States contract furniture (commercial furniture) market. Specifically, these contract furniture are durable commercial-grade furniture sold to businesses such as hotels, coffee shops, offices, hospitals, and restaurants.

Early Findings

  • As of December 2018, North America maintained its position as one of the top manufacturers in the global contract furniture market. In 2017, North American consumption of education, office, and healthcare furniture was estimated at $18.70 billion.
  • Data from Research and Market’s Office Furniture World Market Outlook reveals that eight countries are responsible for about 80% of the total global output. China, the United States, and Germany are the leading countries in this space.
  • According to the 2018 MADA/OFI Trends Survey, the United States "contract furniture market is moving at a steady pace."
  • Some of the most frequently mentioned perceived threats by respondents in the MADA/OFI survey were tariffs, steel prices, transportation and logistics costs, and general material costs.
  • Another issue that US contract furniture manufacturers must deal with is formaldehyde emissions regulations.
  • Statista reports that "the United States is home to the largest office furniture market in the world, generating over 15.4 billion dollars in revenue in 2018."
  • It is expected that the United States office furniture market would be worth $14.3 billion by 2025.

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