Copper and Aluminum Pipes


To obtain examples of pipelines that currently use distributed sensing such as temperature, pressure, or other sensing along the length of the pipe.

Early Findings




Proposed next steps:

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Our initial research was able to provide insights into monitoring methods. We recommend continued research into DTS and DAS, providing 4-5 insights into both. These insights will address the systems, how it works, the installation process, and any other relevant insights.
Additionally, we will provide 2-3 case studies for each system. These case studies will determine how they utilize the systems and any other additional insights that would be relevant.
This research could also provide 3-4 insights into how to maintain the overall integrity of pipelines. This research will not provide any insights around DTS or DAS. We will provide additional information that addresses how pipelines are protected. We will also address any aspects of the law that affect these systems.