Research Proposal

Corporate communication - impact on bottomline and sales


To prove or disprove the fact that for a pharma company, corporate communication can have an impact on sales, and that these communications can help sales teams when on conversations with doctors to have a positive impact on the bottom line and subsequent sales.

Early Findings


  • The 2017 ROI Communication Benchmark report (a biannual report) showed that four aspects of corporate communications had a positive effect on financial performance: effectiveness of manager communications, communication messages/quality, trust and engagement, and measurement practices. Financial performance was evaluated based on "measured by net income, revenue, total return to investors, and diluted earnings per share."
  • The 2019 ROI Communications Benchmark is paywalled but can be purchased here.
  • Corporate communications, especially in the form of reputation-building public relations, can help a company's bottom line, as companies with good reputations outperform those with poor reputations across financial measures.
  • Corporate reputation can contribute 3-7.5% of a company's yearly revenue.
  • Corporate public relations communications can lift sales and market share for a company at a low cost.
  • Company communications directors often cite their ability to drive sales as one of the critical aspects of their job.
  • At the annual Bio/Pharm Corporate Communications conference, it was determined that "30% of health and pharma companies say that 50-75% of their market value is attributed to reputation."
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