Compliance Competitive Landscape


The goal is to perform a competitive landscape of Compliance Wave, Emtrain, Second City Works, Navex Global (specifically Navex Engage), and Rethink Compliance.

Early Findings

Compliance Wave

  • To gain access to Compliance Wave's full library, it costs $35 per person for 100-400 people, all the way up to $36,600 per year if a company has more than 10,000 employees.
  • Compliance Wave has a library of over 4,000 multimedia content pieces that cover over 100 different compliance topics.
  • Their website constantly talks about "achieving results" and has phrases such as "drive behavior change" and "save time".
  • They also have video samples of their content on their website so potential customers can see what they are getting.
  • They also include excerpts of reviews from clients throughout their website for additional marketing.
  • They have a YouTube channel with a few videos from top employees, though the videos are over a year old.


  • Emtrain's main graphic on their homepage features thought bubbles with potential problems that employees might be having. This can give an example of relatable problems that their products can help address.
  • They also use statistics on their website to show why compliance training is essential.
  • Emtrain has a video series on YouTube called #AlwaysLearning where they talk about various compliance topics.
  • Their website offers easy to understand graphics, such as this workplace color spectrum, that allow potential customers to visualize how much they may need compliance products.
  • Emtrain offers various online training programs on subjects such as diversity, workplace harassment, antitrust, HIPAA, and many more.
  • They also offer "Micro Lessons" that are 3-5 minutes long and are meant to reinforce training in "short blasts".
  • They have also built their own workplace compliance management platform that companies can use to monitor what training needs to be done, as well as log compliance incidents.
  • Pricing is not available online and potential clients must request a demo to see what pricing options are available.

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