Best Practices: Marketing Corporate Compliance


To identify 2-3 best practices when marketing corporate compliance design solutions.

Early Findings

1. Using Integrated Marketing

  • Integrated marketing is a marketing approach used by Susan Beermann, the Chief Marketing Officer of Navex Global.
  • Integrated marketing "drives ROI by improving marketing-influenced revenue and boosting performance on KPIs, building brand equity with consistent messaging across all platforms, and improving operational efficiency and team agility."
  • Susan Beermann, is currently responsible for the "worldwide marketing strategy and execution for NAVEX Global. She oversees the market strategy, growth marketing, product marketing, corporate marketing and communications, partner marketing and business development, and brand strategy of Navex Global and focuses on customer satisfaction and success."
  • In an interview with Deloitte, she mentioned " three buckets to drive marketing-inspired growth, which were: brand awareness, advocacy, and demand."
  • When she worked at Ellie Mae she followed an integrated approach to marketing. This involved creating "a consistent message across multiple channels. A strong part of the strategy included education and thought leadership through digital channels."

2. Focus on Building a Customer Experience Strategy

  • Susan Beermann also notes that "the most important data inputs are direct feedback from customers, to identify areas for improvement and analysis of marketplace trends, where the company can capitalize on opportunities to benefit their customers."
  • She also recommends conducting focus groups and user experience testing when getting direct feedback from customers.
  • Analyzing new marketplace trends can also improve the overall experience for customers.
  • Companies that focus on customer experience have been found to reduce churn and increase revenues, which leads to higher profits.


  • Susan Beermann was chosen as one of Deloitte's examples of Best Practice Leadership when she worked as the Chief Marketing Officer for Ellie Mae. In September 2019, she was appointed as Chief Marketing Officer for Navex Global, the leading risk and compliance software and services company. It is likely she is using a similar strategy in her marketing approach with Navex Global.
  • In the course of our research we were also able to identify some insights specific to best practices for integrated marketing, customer experience, as well as insights for the E-learning Corporate Compliance Training Market.
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