Emtrain Marketing Campaigns and Social Media


To research and compile data on Emtrain’s messaging in both its marketing and social media campaigns in order to identify Broadcat's competitive advantages as well as areas of possible improvement as compared to other players in the corporate compliance design market in the United States.

Early Findings

  • Emtrain’s latest estimated revenue was $9.8 million, with its web page engaging over 55,000 viewers, out of which over 7,400 actively follow the page.
  • The messaging on Emtrain's web page is focused on values and workplace culture as opposed to compliance, a key example is the following quote: "By itself, compliance training won’t prevent problems like sexual harassment and discrimination. For over a decade, we’ve been innovating better approaches to building a healthy workplace culture".
  • Emtrain maintains a profile across Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Youtube, as well as a subscription-based newsletter and blog.
  • Emtrains social media accounts post new content several times per week. Their Facebook account is followed by 1,666 people, with some 2,496 individuals following them on Twitter and 8,403 following them on Linkedin.
  • The messaging across social media is composed of the same content, focused on workplace statistics regarding culture and various remedies Emtrain offers. For example: “Over 75% of transgender people have reported experiencing workplace discrimination due to their gender expression. This guide provides a framework for LGBTQ+ acceptance and belonging. Put the "human" back in Human Resources with this guide”
  • Emtrain’s Youtube content has been viewed by over 229,000 people, however, only 436 individuals subscribe to the channel. The content is a mixture of humorous workplace situations that give way to educational videos spanning from cultural diagnostics and solutions to workplace situations.


We found some proprietary research from one of our data partners which may be helpful:

Market trends, 9.3 Rising need for informal and social compliance training (TechNavio, $445.67) .

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