Research Outline

Corrosion-Resistant Alloy Volume


To determine the production and consumption estimates for Chrome 25 and Inconel tubes.

Early Findings

  • According to these sources 25 Cr also known as 25 Chrome Duplex and Super Duplex falls into API Group 2.
  • The OCTG consumption of Group 2 is 25%. Using the total consumption estimate in the previous strategy of 11.07 million tonnes, the total consumption would then be approximately 2.77 million tonnes.
  • Distributed over the regions (assuming each region's consumption is 25%), this would be 332,500 tonnes for the Middle East, 860,000 tonnes in North America, 747,500 tonnes in Asia Pacific, 415,000 tonnes in CIS, 220,000 tonnes in Latin America, 110,750 tonnes in Africa, and 83,125 tonnes in Europe. (The consumption figures for these regions estimated in the previous strategy were used and 25% of these figures was taken).
  • This source gives some production figures in Europe from 2010.
  • More figures might be available from the International Chromium Development Association, however, one needs to be a member of this association to have access to their statistics.