Research Outline

Corrosion-Resistant Alloy Volume


To determine consumption estimates for Chrome 25 (25 Cr), Chrome 13 (13Cr), and Inconel tubes by national oil companies.

Early Findings

  • Per your instructions, we located a list of current national oil companies such as ARAMCO, ADCO, and KOC that serve as the end market for oil country tubular goods (OCTG). However, no national oil company disclosed the total amount of Chrome 13, Chrome 25, and Inconel tubing it uses.
  • The OCTG market is also very diverse, with several players operating in various markets all over the globe.
  • The global market size for Duplex (Cr 13) and Super Duplex steel pipe (Cr 25) is currently valued at $440 million, and it is projected to grow to $540 million by 2026.
  • Duplex and Super Duplex stainless steels currently make up less than 5% of total steel production worldwide.
  • The EU currently dominates the production of this type of metal, while the Asia-Pacific region remains the largest consumer.

Summation Of The Availability Of Information Relevant To The Goals

  • In our initial hour of research, we were not able to determine the annual consumption values of OCTG tubing (Chrome 13, Chrome 25, and Inconel tubing) by national oil companies. Duplex Steel and Super Duplex Steel currently make up a tiny fraction of the steel market and very few public information exists on its consumption quota.
  • We were able to identify some paid reports which may likely contain this information. These reports can be found here and here.
  • Due to the above, we do not believe further research on this specific area would yield any additional results.