Research Outline

Cosmetics Brands Omnichannel Retail Innovations


To determine dermo-cosmetics and cosmetics brands that are offering unique omnichannel retail experience in order to understand the current level of innovation in the industry.

Early Findings

  • Cosmetics brands offering unique omnichannel experience includes Sephora, L'Oreal, Coty, Innisfree, Olay, among others.
  • Sephora offers an omnichannel experience that "connects its shoppers’ online purchases to their in-store visits." They offer workshops, complimentary makeovers, and allow customers to use in-store tablets to access their online “Beauty Bag” account while shopping in-store.
  • Sephora also has a virtual reality solution called Virtual Artist, a digital solution that enables customers to virtually try thousands of lipstick shades, false lashes, and eye shadows with Sephora Virtual Artist.
  • L’Oréal acquired Modiface, an augmented reality brand that offers AI-powered virtual reality that enables virtual try-ons on Amazon. The technology allows retailers to offer virtual try-on experiences for an unlimited number of products, providing "photo-realistic results and automatic, AI-enabled shade calibration."
  • Coty is already working on improving its omnichannel experience and has launched "an accelerator programme for AI start-ups to earn an opportunity to work with the beauty company."
  • Innisfree teamed up with a research team that developed a machine learning algorithm that will enable it mine and analyze the millions of users data and reviews it has collected over time in order to better understand its customers' preferences. The company is one of the cosmetics companies that is trying to use big data to improve their offerings and the retail experience of its customers.
  • Olay has unveiled an AI-powered skin advisor in-store that helps customers determine the right skin product for them based on the unique characteristics of their skin.