Research Proposal

Cost & Risk - Fracking Well Personnel


Identify the costs and risks that are associated with having people come on-site to a fracking well to acquire data using wire-line and fiber-optic assembly/operation. This includes identifying (for each) how much personnel are required, the cost of personnel (insurance, salary, etc.), and the probability of being minorly injured, majorly injured, or death. This information will be used to understand the value that removing personnel associated with service providers from this situation would bring to oil and gas operator companies. This information will be presented either in terms of the percentage of risk for personnel injury by operator companies, or in terms of the average cost per person (of each technology) used to acquire data, and then a summation of this cost based on the typical number of persons over a typical number of days on-site.

Early Findings

Wire Line Operations

  • According to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the U.S. Department of Labor, potential hazards associated with wire line operations on fracking sites include:

Fiber Optics Operations

  • A risk analysis of planning and installing a horizontal fiber optic line, published by Laredo Petroleum in 2015, indicated that the top three associated risks according to operator engineers and vendors were obtaining valuable conclusions from data collection/analysis (67%), deployment and casings of equipment (17%), and orienting and perforating equipment (17%).
  • The top three risks according to attendees at the 015 SPE DFOS Workshop indicated that the largest risks associated with installing horizontal fiber optics were orienting and perforating equipment (42.71%), obtaining valuable conclusions from data collection/analysis (31.25%), and deploying casing of equipment (26.04%).

Proprietary Research Available

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