Research Outline

Food Delivery Apps: Costa Rica


To identify the market share, average spending per user, number of active users of Uber Eats, Rappi, Glovo, TicoToGo,Que Comemos in Costa Rica.

Early Findings

Uber Eats

  • According to Similar Web, Uber Eats (desktop website) has 19.49 million monthly visits and 9.916 million monthly unique visitors globally. It also shows that Costa Rica amounts to 0.23% of traffic share of its global customers. The other remaining information can be accessed only with an upgraded account.
  • Based on the above findings, we can assume that Cost Rica has around 22,807 (9.916 million*0.23%) unique customers each month (based on the assumption that unique website traffic=number of unique customers).
  • According Q Costa Rica, Uber Eats was launched in Novemeber 2017 and it had more than 700,000 downloads in less than a year.
  • There are 91 million monthly active users on the Uber Eats platform overall. Based on the finding that Costa Rica accounts for 0.23% of Uber Eats global traffic, we can conclude that the country has around 209,300 (91 million*0.23%) monthly active users on the platform overall (including app and desktop users).