Pharmacy Automation: Will Call/Counter Experience


To understand automation pharmacies as related to the will-call/counter experience and the differences between retail chains like CVS, Walgreens and pharmacies that are affiliated with Health Systems like Kaiser and the differences between different types of Will-call solutions, Controlled substances management solutions, Locker systems, and Kiosks

To understand how Amazon and other online players impact the pharmacy automation market and customer needs as related to the will-call/counter experience

To understand the overall pharmacy automation market related to the will-call/counter experience as in the key areas of: Customer needs by chains and health systems, competitors (including Amazon), market size (ranges are acceptable), and market share

in order to evaluate a company in this space for M&A.

(referring to market research reports is not recommended)
Recommended Resources:
Parata / TCGRx:
Will-call solutions: or
Controlled substances management solutions:
Locker system:

Early Findings

Our preliminary research on automation pharmacies and the will-call/counter experience revealed insights. Here are the key pieces of information we found:

Automation Pharmacies and the Will-Call/Counter Experience

Research proposal:

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