Research Outline

Counterintuitive Productivity Hacks for Wealthy People


To identify counterintuitive productivity hacks for wealthy people or ways in which wealthy people can leverage their money to be more productive for purposes of self-improvement.

Early Findings

Preliminary research shows there are many counterintuitive hacks or other ways in which wealthy people can leverage their money to become more productive. A few of our findings are below.


  • One productivity hack for wealthy people is to equip their house with a home gym.
  • This allows them to work out any time of the day without worrying about travel time to an off-premises gym.
  • This particularly boosts productivity "since you have your shower, clothes, water, and food all right at home, [so] you cut back dramatically on the total time dedicated to the process of exercise."
  • Having enough money to purchase high-end equipment such as free weights, cardiovascular machines, and mirrors can turn a home space into a private, personal gym that is available 24 hours a day.


  • For wealthy people who spend significant time traveling, employing a full service travel agent can make them more productive.
  • Full service travel agents handle every aspect of travel from booking flights and arranging visas to handling foreign money exchanges.
  • Another perk of full service travel agents is if the traveler runs into any problems while out of town, the agent will deal with them. There is no need for the traveler to get involved, which increases the time they have available to be more productive.


  • The holidays can be very stressful due to the added responsibilities, one of which is decorating.
  • Hiring out the holiday decorating can take this stressor off a wealthy person's plate by fully decorating trees, installing wreaths, adding lit and unlit garlands around staircases, and putting up indoor and outdoor lights.
  • One wealthy individual indicated he spends $20,000 on a fully decorated tree each year.


  • A personal shopper can cut down on the time required for shopping for clothes, gifts, and other items.
  • Personal clothes shoppers take a person's measurements and purchase clothing whenever styles change or whenever the individual needs a wardrobe refresher.
  • Shopping for gifts can be a very time-consuming process since to find the perfect gift can mean spending hours browsing and researching either online or in person.
  • A personal shopper can perform these time-consuming activities on behalf of a wealthy person, who only needs to describe the recipient and occasion so the shopper can deliver the perfect present, on time and with zero stress for the wealthy individual.
  • Hiring a personal shopper who is on call is one option, but there are services like StyleLab that can be hired on demand.


  • Wealthy individuals can pay to have doctors come to their homes for medical visits, which increases productive because there is no travel time to the doctor's office and no down time waiting for a doctor to finish with previous patients.
  • While many wealthy people can simply contact their physicians or medical clinics to set this up, there are also services that offer house calls on demand.
  • These services, like TrueCare24, allow members to get their medical services delivered to their homes within two hours.


  • Wealthy people who live in cold climates can install a heated driveway to reduce or even eliminate the need for shoveling snow.
  • Moreover, this increases productivity because the individual will not have to wait for a plow or a hired shovel to clear the driveway so they can get to work.
  • Heated driveways are expensive (costing about $8,000 to install one under asphalt and $7,500 to install one under concrete), but they are one way to reduce household chores and increase available time.


  • By paying for private flights, there is no need to go through the security process.
  • This privilege also allows them to skip luggage screening and drive or walk right up to the plane.
  • This increases productivity because there is no need to stand in line for security screening, no need to wait for the plane to board the rest of the passengers, and no need to worry about tracking down misplaced luggage, all of which are time suckers.