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To find the top five jobs, top industries, insurance penetration, percentage of people that own homes, and number or percentage of people that work in each industry for Guyana, Barbados, St. Lucia, and Grenada.

Early Findings

  • This block of research was spend setting up a spreadsheet to organize this project. The spreadsheet, with completed details, may be viewed here.
  • Additionally, the details for Guyana were finished. Guyana, due to the extreme poverty, had very little information in the area of home ownership and insurance penetration.
  • Many articles discussed squatters and the large amount of government housing indicating the home ownership rate is very low. According to their last census: "The number of dwellings was reported as 221,741 in the 2012 census, up by 16,624 dwelling units when compared to 2002 figure of 205,117 dwelling units. Of the total dwelling units, 214,999 were occupied dwelling units, while vacant and closed dwellings combined totaled 6,742 dwelling units." The census does not report on actual home ownership. This is most likely due to the number of squatters, free government housing, and poverty.
  • Insurance penetration only amounts to 1.8% of the GDP, indicating penetration is very low.

Proposed next steps:

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