County and City Government Market


To determine the market size of county and city government services in the US in order to evaluate the market potential.

Early Findings

  • Local governments (cities, towns, counties and special purpose districts) in the US collected $1.6 trillion in revenue in 2016, the latest data available.
  • Property, sales and other taxes are the biggest income generator for local governments, accounting for 41% of the total revenue generated. Property taxes alone accounts for 29.8% of all income, charges and miscellaneous account for 22.6%, while sales taxes account for 7.2% of all taxes.
  • Counties in 45 states collect property taxes but they only keep a quarter of the taxes.
  • Local government revenue in the US from all sources, including state government transfer averages $5,273 per person, however, this analysis relies on data from 2010.
  • The money generated from speeding ticket every year in the US is about $6 billion. However, another estimate puts it at between $3.8 billion to $5.4 billion annually.
  • Revenue from traffic offenses in Washington D.C in 2018 was $324 million.

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