YouTube: Most Popular Types/Categories


To build lists of the most popular types/categories on YouTube, the most popular types/categories specifically for men age 28-53, YouTube viral videos in 2019, and YouTube viral videos in 2019 specifically for men age 28-53.
To identify the most popular trends in YouTube content, specifically for men age 28-53.

Early Findings

Most Popular Types/Categories

  • Based on highest number of views and engagement, the most popular types of videos on YouTube are product reviews videos created and shared by influencers, how-to videos providing "step-by-step details of how to accomplish a task," vlogs, gaming videos, comedy/skit videos, haul videos (makeup or clothing purchases), memes/tags, favorites/best of , educational videos , and unboxing videos .
  • Based on the largest content on YouTube, the top types of videos on YouTube are entertainment (25%), music (20%), people and blogs (19%), film and animation (7%), and gaming (7%). (Screenshot here).

YouTube Viral Videos in 2019

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