The Court System Numbers


The goal is to find figures for the number of people who attend court for their own cases, and the number of these who lack legal representation with the intent of seeing what marketsize is available for a marketplace to connect solo practitioner lawyers with clients.

Early Findings

Court Statistics

Without Representation

  • An article from "The Conversation" stated that in both civil and criminal cases, millions of individuals each year navigate the court system without attorney representation. The article also noted that for civil cases, there is no federal right to provide a person with legal representation. It also commented that "in some states, as many as 80 to 90 percent of litigants are unrepresented, even though their opponent has a lawyer."
  • In 2016, Georgia saw over 800,000 litigants without any legal representation.

Solo Practitioners

  • The American Bar Association provides figures for all attorneys in the US, including a demographic breakdown, and a breakdown for the number of active attorneys per state. However, they do not keep records of those who are solo practitioners.
  • Solo attorneys are often lumped in with "small firms" when statistics and figures are calculated. DC Bar reports that 95% of law firms have fewer than 20 attorneys. Of the 1,500+ respondants in their DC area survey, 20.1% were solo.

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