Research Outline

At-home COVID Tests EU/UK


To obtain a spreadsheet with data on the at-home COVID test kits for sale through retail channels in the UK and EU. Details to include:
  • Test kit name
  • Manufacturer
  • Country
  • Retail Locations
  • Price

Early Findings

  • Initial research found that pre-compiled lists on the various at-home COVID tests available in the UK and EU does not appear to be readily available.
  • The attached spreadsheet has data on some at-home testing kits available in the UK and the EU.
  • In late February/early March, Aldi in Germany began selling five different rapid tests for COVID at a cost of about €25.
  • There are currently eight COVID tests approved under the German Medical Devices Act to be used by lay people. Further research is needed to determine where they are being sold and for how much.
  • It was recently announced in the UK that "everyone in England is to be given access to two rapid coronavirus tests a week." These will be offered free of charge and there are many locations where people can pick up the tests.

Summary of Findings

  • The UK is now offering 2 free at-home COVID tests per week to everyone which means cost data in that country is not relevant. We did not find data on the names and manufacturers of the tests being used in our initial research.
  • While we did find the names and manufacturers of the eight tests currently approved for home testing in Germany, we did not find data on where each test is being sold and the cost.
  • The first three tests included in the spreadsheet are for tests that are available for online purchase. If these tests should not be included, this would need to be communicated in any reply.
  • It appears that the best path forward may be to look for the tests that have been approved in each of the EU countries. Since only two countries were fully examined in the initial research, we recommend continuing the research with a single request since data availability in other countries is not clear. If it is determined that more tests can be readily found, this could be communicated so further resarch could be launched.