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CPG Food Trends


To understand trends in the CPG industry related to condiments, children's eating/ snacking, mother's preferences or habits, and healthier eating, with descriptions of the trends, and details on companies leaning into the trend.

Early Findings

Healthier Eating

  • Healthy snacks and mini-snacks are two areas driving growth in the snack industry. In 2018 there was a 1.2% increase in produce snacking, a 5.3% increase in mini doughnuts, a 4.9% increase in mini muffins, and an 8.4% increase in mini brownies.
  • Dollar sales of cauliflower increased 14% as it is being used in unique ways including as a rice replacement and in pizza crust.
  • There is room for continued growth in the healthy eating market. While 99% of Americans have purchased a low-fat food or beverage in the last year, they only do so, on average, twice per month.
  • The top growth categories in absolute growth from 2018 to 2019 were oat milk, energy beverages, value added water, grapes, pastries, snack combos, nondairy yogurt, sparkling water, lactose reduced/free milk, and muffins.
  • Mindful products that support various health concerns are big business with anxiety support food selling $50.6 billion, sleep support foods selling $47.0 billion, depression support foods selling $38.6 billion, and brain health foods selling $29.2 billion.

Children's Food Trends

  • Nine out of 10 parents reported buying new products their kids wanted at least some time, while 55% of parents sad their kids preferences were important.
  • The lines between children's food and regular food are starting to blur.
  • Packaging that may have initially been marketed to toddlers, such as squeeze pouches, is now going mainstream and being used for products targeting all ages.
  • Fifty five percent of millennial moms said their kids are more likely to choose a good for you snack. These could be snacks that have real fruits and vegetables, protein bars, yogurt, and healthier cookies.
  • Millennial parents are driving the trend toward plant-based foods for kids. The most popular foods in this category are non-dairy milk alternatives, plant based snacks, non-dairy yogurt, and meat alternatives.
  • Three food trends reported by Linkage in the kids' food space are food that is nutritious, tasty and convenient; a change in the way potential allergens are introduced to kids; and more allergy free food options.

Mother's Preferences

  • Parents seek packaged foods that are "labeled all-natural, non-GMO, low or no sugar, and with no artificial ingredients."
  • Millennials, many of which are parents, are more health conscious and experimental when it comes to food.

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