The main competitors to Clif including their digital marketing campaigns, positioning strategies, digital channels currently being used, as well as, the trends affecting the snack & performance nutrition bars CPG category, and trends affecting direct to consumer CPG companies in the US and Europe.

Early Findings

  • Clif claims its main competitors are Kind Snacks, Larabar, and RxBar. However, its largest competitors are The Kelloggs Company, GlaxoSmithKline, General Mills, and Abbott Nutrition Manufacturing.
  • Currently, snack & performance nutrition bars appeal to a variety of consumers such as athletes and college students. However, in the US, there has been an increasing demand for energy bars with "organic ingredients from athletes who need instant energy."
  • The popularity of nutrition bars is due to the fact that consumers are now looking to "make better informed, healthier decisions in all aspects of their lives and they find that products traditionally aimed at sports nutrition fulil this need." These consumers are now more aware of what they are consuming and choose products with nourishing ingredients like high protein.
  • In reference to what US consumers want from nutrition bars, 65% claimed the energy boost while 53% mentioned wanting "fruits and vegetables for specific nutrients; and 40% want snacks with probiotics for digestive health."
  • US consumers prefer nutrition bars that are "gluten-free, non-G.M.O., free from artificial flavors and colors, and contain less preservatives." These consumers are also paying attention to the sugar they are consuming, specifically in nutrition bars.
  • The main influential factor in terms of US consumers purchasing nutrition bars is quality. The second factor is no/low/reduced sugar.
  • In summary, US consumers want nutrition bats that are tasty but still deliver functional ingredients and do not include unhealthy ingredients.

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