Research Outline

DTC DNA-Influenced Health Plans


Identify at least five companies that are doing at least a majority of the services below for a monthly fee:
  • Analyzing a customer's DNA or utilizing a previous DNA analysis from another company
  • Analyzing a customer's gut biome
  • Applying the DNA analysis and gut biome information to create a custom meal plan
  • Applying the DNA analysis and gut biome information to create a custom supplement plan
  • Applying the DNA analysis to determine the best type of workout style
  • Monitoring the customer's sleep cycle

Early Findings

The research team found that there are many companies doing at least a majority of the requested services for a monthly fee. The findings have been summarized below, as well as provided in the project spreadsheet.

OME Health

  • OMEHealth utilizes a customer's DNA profile and gut biome profile to provide customized meal plans. They also provide sleep tracking.


  • DNAfit "uses genetic science to improve the health outlook for" customers by providing personalized meal plans, workouts, and more.


  • Viome utilizes gut biome analysis to provide customized supplements, food suggestions, and probiotics.

Research Summary

  • The initial research identified three companies utilizing DNA testing and/or gut biome testing to provide customized meal plans, supplement plans and/or workouts.
  • Ample information exists on this topic, with many companies entering the space.

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