Research Outline

2019 Power Outages in the US


To create a list of all he power outages that occurred in the US in 2019 and note the total duration as well as any other available information such as affected area, date and time of the power outage, and the number of affected customers.

Early Findings

Throughout our research, we were able to find a report by the EIA that details the major power outages in the country. As that was the only reliable source of data that we were able to find that listed the different power outages that occurred in the country in 2019, we used the information from there to build our list.

Power Outages in the US in 2019

  • According to the EIA, there were more than 140 major power outages that affected the citizens of the US in 2019.,
  • According to the department of Energy, there have been 2,500 major power outages since 2002, which averages about 147 major power outages per year.
  • However, Bloomber Energy, has reported that California alone has experienced over 25,000 blackouts in 2019 that affected 28.4 million customers in the state.
  • We have detailed the first 6 power outages in the attached spreadsheet.